CHANT, the Caribbean Hindu Association of North Texas, came into being to satisfy the religious and spiritual needs of the West Indian community of the Dallas Metroplex. It existed for several years as an informal group. Notwithstanding, the group met regularly to cater for communal religious needs. CHANT was statutorily constituted and registered with the Secretary of State for the State of Texas in 1991 with provisions embracing the fundamental tenets of Sanatan Dharma as enshrined in Hinduism.

CHANT had its origin in very humble circumstances. A small but dedicated number of West Indian Hindus, led by Pandit Suruj Kant Doobay, met on Sundays for Kirtan and Sandhya at the home of Bahen Sita and Bhai Purshotam (Buddy) Persaud in Carrollton, Dallas, Texas in the early 1980's. This small beginning laid the foundation for the present day CHANT. Moreover, a tragedy in the Metroplex's largest West Indian family, the death of Meghbaran Naraine of Dallas, transformed the informal meetings to a formal organized group. CHANT grew steadily with regular monthly "home services" and first Saturday of the month Sandhya at the D/FW Hindu Temple - The Ekta Mandir. Throughout its existence CHANT has observed all the major Hindu celebrations including Shiva Ratri, Holi, Ram Naumi, Janam Ashtami and Diwali. Perhaps the greatest legacy of CHANT will be the guarantee of the continuity of the religious and cultural practices inherent in Hinduism. The continuity lies in the off-springs of the members who have become an integral part of CHANT, and have actively participated throughout the years. Much of the credit for the active participation of the children must be given to the parents. Many members have contributed endless hours to the transference of skills of Indian instrumentation, singing and rituals to adults and children so that we can continue our Sanatan Dharma from our forefathers who brought it from our motherland, India.