History of North Texas Hindu Mandir (N.T.H.M.) and Caribbean Hindu Association of North Texas (C.H.A.N.T.)

a ta etu mana punah kratve dakshaya jivase, jyok ca suryam drishe. (Rig Veda

“May your spirit return again, to perform pure acts for exercising strength, and to live long to see the sun.”

This mantra refers to the death and birth, when there is death there is birth, the Hindu Phoenix. In the case of C.H.A.N.T., it was born as the result of death of a loved one and the coming together to give comfort to one another. Through divine intervention the founding members realized that they needed to build a more permanent community to espouse and further their Vedic traditions and teachings of their ancestors that had left India over a century ago.

With the Lord’s help this realization lead to the founding of CHANT in 1987. These devoted group of devotees began to resurrect their traditions with the help of more knowledgeable members and guests. It was through that tenacity and welcoming hearts that the organization began to grow to include more devotees from the Indian diaspora. As time progressed this intrepid group continued their regular religious service in the homes of the various devotees, improving their knowledge and skills.

In 2002, the members of C.H.A.N.T. made the next leap forward and sought out to establish themselves in a fixed location. With God’s grace, and the brave commitment by many devotees, this building at 10309 Baronne Circle, Dallas, TX was purchased to found the North Texas Hindu Mandir. Over time more spiritually devoted souls joined the organization and generously contributed to retiring the debt of the purchase and still continue their financial support.

It must be noted that the original founders still continue to support this beautiful organization with their regular presence and financial support. New devotees from all parts of the world and backgrounds are always welcomed and appreciated as this humble home of Sanatana Dharma is shared.

CHANT and now N.T.H.M. will always be indebted to the founders and supporters that keep this spiritual tradition strong and continue serving our local and greater communities.



The C.H.A.N.T./N.T.H.M. Constitution sets out the organizational structure to include an elected governing body, the Executive Committee, comprising of the President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and five members with the overriding authority residing in the full membership of N.T.H.M. There is an Annual General meeting at which forum the total membership elects the Executive Committee. The Constitution also provides for the conventional Democratic parliamentary practice governing meetings. It defines the goals of the organization with respect to its religious, spiritual and socio-cultural obligations.



North Texas Hindu Mandir

10309 Baronne Circle

Dallas, TX 75218

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