NTHM Topics on Hinduism

The most destructive habit Worry 
The greatest joy Giving 
The greatest loss Self-respect 
The most satisfying work Helping Others 
The ugliest personality trait Selfishness 
The most endangered species Dedicated Leaders
Our greatest natural resource Our Youth & Our Elderly 
The greatest "shot in the arm" Encouragement 
The greatest problem to overcome Fear 
The most effective sleeping pill Peace of mind 
The most crippling failure disease Excuses 
The most powerful force in life Love 
The most dangerous outcast A Gossip
The worlds most incredible computer The Brain 
The worst thing to be without Hope 
The deadliest weapon The Tongue 
The two most power-filled words "I can"
The greatest asset Faith
The most worthless emotion Self-pity 
The most beautiful attire A Smile
The most prized possession Integrity 
The most powerful channel of communication Prayer 
The most contagious spirit Enthusiasm
Our greatest teacher Experience 

To the world, YOU may be one person; but to one person, you may be the world.

Golden Teachings of HINDUISM Dharmik Prakash by Pandit Brahm Jairam.



Religious words and meaning

Here's an excellent article from this book that appeared in the March 1994 edition of the CHANT newsletter. Reproduced with the permission of the author.

Jyotir Vigyaan - written by Pdt. Munelal Maharaj and Smt. Navetaa Maharaj.


The 9 Steps of Devotion

Poojaa Ingredients

Poojaa Bidhi

Symbolism in Pooja

This is an excellent book on Hinduism and no Hindu's home should be without a copy. Excerpts from the book can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link. We have several copies available to members and the general public for a reasonable cost. Please contact us for details. Reproduced with the permission of the author.