Murti Update


The following Murtis were delivered to the Mandir on January 31, 2003. 

  • Ganesh Ji

  • Shiva Lingam and Nandi

  • Durga Maa

  • Kali Maa

  • Shridi Sai Ji

The Pran Pratistha ceremonies for this first set of Murtis were conducted by visiting Pundit Mahendra Doobay of New York. He was assisted by resident Pundit, Pt. Mahendra Persad. The Murtis were installed on March 21st, March 22nd, and March 23rd, 2003. They include Ganesh Ji, Durga Maa, Shiva Lingam and Nandi, Kali Maa, and Shridi Sai Ji. Pictures for these ceremonies will be available soon in our Photo Gallery. Here are some pictures of the actual Murtis after the ceremony.


The 4 feet Ram Darbar Murti set was delivered to the Mandir on Friday May 31st, 2003.

The Pran Pratistha ceremonies for the Ram Darbar(Lord Raam, Laxman, Seeta Maa and Hanuumanji), and Shiva and Parvatee were conducted by Pundit Shrikantha Achariya of Canada on September 5th, September 6th, and September 7th, 2003. He was assisted by resident Pundit, Pt. Mahendra Persad and our pundit in training, Kishore Marajh. More pictures of the ceremony are available for viewing in our photo gallery.

  • Ram Darbar
  • Shiva and Parvatee


We expect to install the remaining Murtis in this Phase. This would include:

  • Lord Krishna
  • Hanumaan Ji
  • Laskhmi Maa
  • Saraswatee Maa

Plans are being made to solicit funds for the purchase and the installation ceremony for these Murtis. If you would like to make a donation, please contact us. We would appreciate any contributions you can make; all donations are tax deductible.